- My Inspiration -

the story behind my business name.

     Photography allows a memory to become visual. Whether seeing the photo brings joy or sadness, you remember and feel. My late Granny Hale had her little camera in hand at all times - and if she didn’t, she would soon realize it and go grab it. She loved to capture the family in raw, unposed moments. The ways most people thought they looked silly. But she was right on target; she wanted to capture what was really happening and how people truly felt in those moments. When she passed, I instantly insisted I was going to continue capturing all the precious moments of our family in her honor. Photography has always been an interest for me - whether it was for yearbook class in high school, the next artsy picture for my insta feed, or capturing activities at my job for my newsletter. In September, another fellow photographer, saw my interest and similar photography style to hers and reached out to me to second shoot a wedding. After that, I was HOOKED! Since then I have sporadically held sessions and spent some time practicing. Recently, I felt it was time to take the next step and get my business license. Now I can advertise and promote my business and I am ECSTATIC!

     The Story behind my photography name. Lighthaven Photography. As I mentioned above, my Granny Hale has been a huge inspiration for my photography. Along with that, my Papa Hale has been extremely supportive of this new journey of mine and has done several things to help me prosper. I really wanted to find a way to honor both of them with my name, all while coming up with something unique. My grandparents got married on February 14, 1953, and later built a house in 1955. Throughout the years, my grandparents loved to tastefully put up TONS of Christmas lights and people would come from all over to see them (even the news). Some years back, roads changed from routes to names, and that gave my grandparents the opportunity to personally name the road they live on. With their history with Christmas lights, my Granny decided to name it “Lighthaven Road”. For a while, I had been expressing to people I was close to my desire to come up with a name that had true meaning to me and my business. Then one day my mom said “Ya know they live on Lighthaven Road, what about Lighthaven Photography?” After spouting it off a few times, I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for. So that’s my story and I am so excited for this adventure ahead of me and chance for growth of my passion and skills. Thank you for taking the time to read this and entrusting in me in the future to capture precious, emotion-filled moments in your story of life.